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E3 Weapons Policy

E3 2019 Weapons Policy

All attendees at E3 2019 must comply with this Weapons Policy.

  • Entertainment Software Association (ESA), E3 Show Management Dolaher Events, E3 security, and law enforcement have the absolute and immediate right to inspect attendees’ belongings, including, but not limited to, costumes, props, and weapons, and may in their sole discretion confiscate the item, require modifications to the item, remove the attendee, confiscate the attendee’s badge, and/or prohibit the attendee’s reentry at future events. ESA and Dolaher Events bear no responsibility or liability for any damages and/or injuries incurred as a result of the use of attendees’ belongings, including, but not limited to, costumes, props, and weapons.


  • No real weapons are allowed at E3 2019. This includes, but is not limited to, firearms (whether loaded or unloaded), handguns, shotguns, rifles, tasers, blowguns, ammunition, knives, blades, live swords, switch blades, axes, hatchets, daggers, clubs, metal/wooden bats, crossbows, arrows, stars, nunchucks, brass knuckles, boomerangs, darts, whips, pepper spray, flame throwers, laser-aiming devices, explosives, and any other item that violates applicable local, state, or federal laws, rules, or regulations or that appears, in ESA’s and Dolaher Events sole discretion, to be dangerous or to have the potential of harming others.


  • Prop weapons may be allowed at E3 2019 if they are inspected, approved, and peace bonded at E3 Weapons Check, and comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations. Prop weapons are inoperable weapons used to enhance the overall look of a costume, and include, but are not limited to, NERF weapons and water guns. Use, handling, and/or display of prop weapons may be revoked at any time without cause or warning, including, but not limited to, if the attendee uses the item inappropriately (e.g., play fighting, swinging the item) or tampers with the peace bonding. Prop weapons may be displayed only as costume pieces, and may not be swung, brandished, or otherwise used in any way that could be considered unsafe or threatening. Prop weapons should be put away when leaving E3 2019. The attendee is solely responsible for the prop weapon and its usage at all times, even if the prop weapon is not in the possession of the attendee and even if the weapon has been inspected.


  • Prop weapons must be submitted to E3 Weapons Check for inspection, approval, and peace bonding. E3 Weapons Check is located at the entrances to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Peace bonding is the process of marking and/or binding props. A prop weapon must be rendered permanently inoperable in order to qualify for peace bonding. Even prop weapons that have been inspected may be subject to re-inspection at any time. In addition to being peace bonded, a prop weapon must meet other criteria, including, but not limited to: (i) prop weapons cannot be more than seven feet long or weigh more than 15 pounds; (ii) prop explosives cannot be made out of metal; (iii) swords and other prop blade weapons must be non-metal, blunt-edged, and swords must be tied to the costume in such a way that they are unable to be drawn; (iv) prop bows must be unstrung; (v) prop arrows must have non-metal, blunted tips; and (vi) if the prop weapon looks realistic, then it must either be translucent or at least half covered with solid white or bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, or purple. ESA, Dolaher Events, and E3 security have the sole discretion to approve prop weapons.

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