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Industry Identification & Qualifying Credentials

Industry Identification & Qualifying Credentials

In order to apply for a complimentary industry pass to E3 as a member of the interactive entertainment industry, you must submit two of the credentials listed below. At least one document must contain both your name and the name of your company.

All registrants MUST also include their company’s website address. This website must be a fully operational site through which your Company Business can be validated.

All registrants must also have a valid employee email address to which their final E3 confirmation can be sent.

Please submit two of these forms of Employee/Company ID:

  • Insurance card listing both employee name and company name
  • Paycheck stub verifying current full-time employment within the industry
  • Company credit card listing both employee name and company name
  • W-2 Form with both employee name and company name
  • Current business license indicating type of business
  • Current Retail Sales Tax License with company name
  • Current Resale Tax Certificate with company name
  • Invoices within the last 6 months that show purchases of products related to the industry (with the registrant’s name appearing on the invoice)*
  • Current Federal resale tax certificate (VAT)
  • Current IGDA Membership Card

*Retail Attendees are eligible for complimentary admission to E3 only if they are responsible for company purchasing. If you are unable to document your buying power by supplying company invoices, purchase orders or other purchasing transactions, you qualify for a paid admission and should visit Attendee Registration to register for a 3-day Gamer Pass.

International Attendees should submit similar credentials unique to their country that confirm their employment in the interactive entertainment industry.

AGENCY Employees wishing to attend E3 should submit two of the Company/Employee IDs listed above as well as:

  • The URL to a website that documents your company’s involvement in the interactive entertainment industry
  • An official listing of the clients that you support within the interactive entertainment industry

All registrants are subject to review and approval by Show Management. You will be contacted via email if we require more information or further clarification.

Industry Credentials Submission

During the E3 online registration process, you will be prompted to upload electronic versions of your industry credentials. The documents can be uploaded at that time or you can choose to log back into your registration dashboard at a later date. The deadline for uploading your industry credentials is April 25, 2019. Please note that your E3 registration will not be finalized until you provide your industry credentials for approval.

Show management will contact you if your credential documents are approved or denied, or if additional information is required.

Please note: No one under 17 will be admitted (including infants). This policy is strictly enforced.

Participating Companies

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