Exhibitor Promotional Opportunities

Nearly 70,000 people attend E3 and millions more tune in for non-stop broadcast, online and social media coverage of the products and companies at the world’s premier event for video games. Maximize your company’s visibility through the following complimentary promotional opportunities.

Create your Exhibitor Profile and your company will automatically be included in all of E3 2020’s media and promotional platforms, including:

  • Listing on the Participating Company List on E3Expo.com
  • Listing on the E3 Mobile App
  • Contact information listed in annual E3 Exhibitor PR Contact Guide, which connects your company to thousands of influencers around the globe.
  • Information and company location included in on-site information kiosks/maps
  • E3’s complimentary New Product Spotlight program – inclusion in dedicated emails to qualified media and retailers, spotlighted in E3 signage, and in the E3 mobile app, and much more.


In Order to create your Exhibitor Profile and take full advantage of all of E3’s promotional opportunities, please follow the instructions below. If you have questions or need assistance, please email Alexi Caffelle (acaffelle@dolaherevents.com).

Setting up your Exhibitor Profile including a brief company description, New Product Spotlight and your E3 “Happenings”

  1. Scroll through Exhibitor Key Deadlines to find Exhibitor Profile. Click the link and you will be redirected to the E3 2020 Map Your Show website.
  2. Login using your credentials provided by Caitlyn Bonariggo.
  3. Select “Complete Your Exhibitor Profile”
  4. Go through each section and enter your information.
  5. Once approved, click “Approve Data” at the top of the page.
  6. Your Exhibitor Profile is now complete and will be included in our online directory and mobile app.

One of the most important aspects of your success at E3 is to have your target audience find, engage and interact with your products. Showcase the categories of your products, and automatically match them to the interests of E3 attendees including retailers, wholesalers, distributors, gamers, developers, media and many more. (Note: No product names or information needed.) Your product categories will appear in the following programs:

  • E3expo.com
  • E3 Mobile App
  • E3 PR/Media, Retailer and Social outreach
  • On-site Information kiosks / maps


Make sure you are included in the many promotions that spotlight companies with new products at E3 this year.

Spotlight on Companies with new products and technologies. Even if your product isn’t ready yet, E3 will highlight your company name (no product information) in the following programs:

  • E3Expo.com
  • E3 Mobile App
  • Outreach to media, retailers, social media, etc.
  • On-site signage
  • On-site Information kiosks / maps
  • On-site Media Center

Spotlight on New Products. E3 highlights exhibitor’s new products and technologies throughout the show. (NDA options available) In addition, new products will be featured in:

  • E3Expo.com
  • On-site information kiosks/maps
  • On-site Media Center
  •  E3 Mobile App


E3 will work with your company to help coordinate, promote and manage the special events and activities you are planning for the show. (If your events are private, we will work under NDA .) Log in to the Exhibitor Portal to add or update your E3 “Happenings”.

PR / Media / Retailer / Social Outreach

More than 3,600 journalists qualified and registered for E3 2018, generating millions of stories worldwide and the widest social media reach in the history of the show. The E3 team can help your company reach the media, retailers and social media influencers to generate buzz about your products and build your brand.

  • PR Contact Guide for Media – Connects your PR team directly with the thousands of journalists worldwide who follow
  • PR Handbook – Resource for E3 exhibitors that outlines the multiple opportunities to team with E3’s PR team to maximize your company’s visibility with the worldwide media covering
  • Virtual Press Office (VPO) – Take advantage of E3’s relationship with Virtual Press Office (VPO). VPO is the global leader in online press office management and trade show news distribution solutions. VPO creates interactive online press offices for E3 – from news releases and marketing collateral to multimedia and social media – in order to foster an engaging community experience. As the trade show division of PR Newswire, journalists, targeted media, and bloggers depend on E3’s VPO portal as a source of quality event news and multimedia content to inform their stories. Click here for more information and to create an electronic Exhibitor Press kit. For further assistance, please contact the VPO team at sales@vpoinc.com or 973.783.7787.

Maximize your company’s impact on E3Expo.com, where millions of viewers learn about E3 and the companies and products showcased at this global event.

Exhibitor Opportunities include:

  • Your Exhibitor Profile
  • Your Product Categories – searchable by attendees (No specific product names or information needed.)
  • New Product Spotlight – Highlights companies that plan to show new products or technologies at E3 (Specific product names and/or details are optional). NDA options available.
  • Your E3 “Happenings” – Promote your events, activities and celebrity appearances to build buzz and attract attendees to your booth at E3. NDA options available.
  • “Featured” listing – Move your company to the top of the E3 Exhibitor List, in the “Featured” section – driving traffic to your company’s listing.

E3 Mobile App

The E3 Mobile App is downloaded by thousands of industry watchers and video game fans each year, as a quick directory of all the companies and products showcased at E3.

Exhibitor opportunities include:

  • Advertising/sponsorship opportunities. Contact Carla Rizzo.
  • Exhibitor Profile – automatically loaded, and includes:
    • Company Description
    • Your Product Categories
    • New Product Spotlight
    • Exhibitor “Happenings” at E3: Events, activities, appearances and more.